sarit new headLove this excerpt from our friends at‘s feature story on our wonderful grad, Sarit. We’re big fans of her photographic artistry too!

This series asks great questions, including “Describe your ideal morning routine,” followed immediately by “Describe your actual morning routine..”

How did they know?!

ShareYoga: Describe your IDEAL morning routine.

Sarit Rogers: I like quiet in the morning and time to move slowly into wakefulness. I am NOT a morning person. So for me, I would love to get up slowly, move my body in a gentle way. I would like to pause and take 10 mindful, deep breaths and set an intention. As my coffee brews, I would move to sit outside and meditate for 20-30 minutes as the sun rises and graces the sky with light. Setting the day like this, with intention sets the stage for equanimity and pause.

SY: Describe your ACTUAL morning routine. 

SR: Ha! Well, like I said, I am not a morning person. Mornings can be a little wild around here. Getting up is slow, but intentional. One of us makes coffee (usually my hubby), and my husband or I am nudging our 14yo up, which is considerable work. Lunch and breakfast are made, the hustle and bustle is in full motion. On days when I teach, I get up a little earlier if I can. It’s important to me that I make every effort to be grounded BEFORE I walk out the door; if that means doing a sun salutation or two while the coffee is brewing, I do it. And there is always time to take 10 breaths and feel my feet on the ground, even when I THINK I’m too busy.

My days are pretty varied, but they usually consist of teaching, writing, and editing photos. I teach Mon/Wed at the middle school, T/Th and every other Fri at the high school. I volunteer weekly at an Assisted Living, bringing gentle movement and games to the residents there, many of whom are on hospice. I have begun going into Juvenile Hall with Uprising Yoga and I am one of the Uprising Teachers teaching at Exeter. I try to take time solely for myself every single day, whether it’s a nap, a physical practice, a walk, or meditation. Self-care is paramount as is asking for help when I need it. There is strength in that.

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