Trina, Hala and Julian sat down to share about our journeys, why we’re so excited to teach together in 2019, and what the Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind Teacher Training has to offer both brand new and already experienced teachers… #somuchmorethana200hr —building integrated teachers from the ground up!

This is part 1:

Excerpt from Trina:

“At some point in your learning curve you’re going to hit a crisis, and you can just throw your hands up in the air and say aaaaaagh this yoga thing forget about it..

OR you can start to explore and learn and study more…”

And this is Part 2:

Excerpt from Julian: “We really wanna support people in being themselves, in breaking the idea that you’re not allowed to be weird, you’re not allowed to be vulnerable and you’re not allowed to ask inconvenient questions.. We’re all about creating that container in which we say, be you, take the journey, question, discover your own authentic voice! Dig into what really interests you that naturally speaks to you _and that’s the kind of teacher you’r gonna be… We’re not interested in creating carbon copies, little clones of us walking out in the world.”