Hala wraps up this conversation with Julian by listing her top three tips for yoga teachers on using language that is more mindful, inclusive, and non-hierarchical..

  1. She talks about the trickiness of words like “modification” —which can imply that there is a correct version of the pose to aspire to, and everything else is somehow lesser.
  2. Similarly the common concept of “levels” can actually be misleading, given that different bodies need different things —and a more experienced/mature practice might actually be simpler and less impressive looking.
  3. Hala suggests demonstrating the most accessible version of the pose, rather than showing off in ways that may be unattainable for most students.

They also discuss competition between teachers, and how many students are subconsciously drawn to teachers who are demanding and perfectionistic, or present themselves in unrealistic ways.

What might the next phase of evolution in the yoga community look like?