j_fieldsWe are delighted to announce the new addition to our teaching staff: veteran teacher, author, trail-blazer, and all-around inspiring human being Jay Fields.

She is a perfect fit for what Julian and Hala have created, and will bring a unique and well-honed skill set to our California yoga teacher training.

Here is her official bio:

Jay Fields is not your ordinary yoga teacher.  As the author of the books Teaching People, Not Poses and Homebody Yoga, Jay is praised for walking her talk and for supporting her clients in showing up authentically and unapologetically. Jay’s gift lies in her practical and poetic approach to helping people find embodied integrity. She does this through yoga that is as alignment-focused as it is introspective, and through a private somatic mentoring practice. She has spent the last 15 years leading vision quests, teaching yoga and helping people fall to pieces so they can come back together whole. She holds a Masters degree in Integral Transformative Education.

Jay begins her AHEM tenure in the 2015 training starting January 9 , and will be weaving in her pragmatic, detailed and authentic take on alignment, anatomy and an approach to practice and teaching rooted in embracing our vulnerability and cultivating genuine self-awareness.

Find out more and read some of Jay’s astute and honest writing here.