Living Yoga Now: A FREE Call with Julian Walker & Hala Khouri
Thursday January 23 – 5:30 – 7 pm
Cost: $0
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We all hear words like “transformation,” healing,” “growth,” and “awakening” thrown around in relationship to yoga.

But what exactly do we mean when we say yoga can change your life?

julian and hala laugh


In this dynamic, interactive call, Hala and Julian will discuss what we mean by transformation in a practical, no nonsense way.

They draw on the wisdom of somatic psychology and neuroscience to unpack the layers of what a growing edge experience of yoga can be.

Hala and Julian are deeply passionate about sharing an integrated model that supports empowered inner work and a compassionate embrace of our humanity, so as to truly be of service to the world.

In addition to their classes, workshops, retreats and busy mind/body healing practices, Hala and Julian also train yoga teachers, and will share information about their Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind Teacher Training (starting Feb 17) at the end of the call.