Have you ever wondered how really good yoga teachers seem to have a sixth sense about what their students need, about who should modify and how, who might benefit from an adjustment, and how to support someone over time as they heal an injury or correct an imbalance?

Well, like most things that seem magical, there is both an art and a science to it.

Julian calls this developing an “intelligent eye,” and it is a life long process and practice.

This includes:

* Looking at yoga postures through the lens of functional and practical anatomy
* Understanding how to teach safely
* Aiming to both heal and prevent injuries
* Honoring the individual’s journey, process and body-type

Julian Walker ERYT-500 gives you a glimpse of how the Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind teacher training gives you a platform, or “operating system” based in the relationships between yoga postures, anatomy and an understanding of how to look at bodies intelligently and respond to your student’s needs.

The idea of an operating system is that it allows us to teach our classes with a sense of confidence and curiosity, meeting our students in the moment and applying the knowledge we have in ways that honor their unique bodies, history of injuries, and capacity to heal and find balance.

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