jay-hala-croppedTeaching People, Not Poses
A Webinar for Yoga Teachers Who Want To Take Their Teaching to the Next Level

What does it mean to teach people, not poses? What stops many teachers from doing it? Why is it hard to train teachers to teach people?

Join Hala and Jay for an online series that explores these questions and offers practical techniques for how to move past simply sharing instructions to being able to connect with the people on the mats in front of you with more presence and purpose.

Session 1 / Next-Level Teaching: What it Means to Teach People, Not Poses
During this session, Hala and Jay will talk about their experience, both as teachers and as trainers of teachers, with the challenges and benefits of teaching people. We will discuss why yoga teachers, both new and experienced, often default to simply teaching poses rather than speaking to the whole experience of their students’ bodies, minds, and hearts. It’s hard to teach to the whole person–doing so requires a quality of presence and self-awareness that can feel daunting. We think that it’s worth it, and we want to see you bring more of YOU to your teaching!

Session 2 / Passion, Purpose and Embracing Your Inner Critic
Hala will take you deeper into your own personal exploration around how you show up as a teacher.  We will look at your critic and your cheerleader, and we’ll talk about the importance of knowing your purpose as a teacher and letting that guide all that you do.

Sessions 3 / Tools for Transformative Teaching
Jay will look at specific places where teachers get tripped up and offer techniques and assignments that will help you bring more of yourself to your teaching. We will look at how you can quiet the voice of the inner critic and let the more vulnerable parts of you be seen, as well as find inner resources that allow you to stay present with yourself and your students as you teach so that your teaching can be just as growth-oriented for you as it is for your students.

Sessions will be interactive, so do your best to be on the live calls.
If you can’t make the live calls, recordings will be sent to you.

Dates: Nov 1, 3, 4 (3 sessions)
-join for Session 1 or all 3!

Times2:30-3:45pmPT / 5:30-6:45pmET

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